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Barbados Tornado LLC
"The Amazing Power of Healing Plants"
Remedies that Heal the Body
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"Revelation 22.2 - Leaves were used for medicine toHealing of the Nation"

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Remedies That Heal the Body

Latasha Watson

Who knew that sea moss is just as good externally as it is internally??!!! Not I says me... until that Barbados Tornado Super Moss Soap landed in my hand! Those who know me know that I have problematic skin and so I’m extremely careful with what I put on my face. After using this sea moss soap for week, not only does my face feel moisturized, o can see a difference in most recent scars... even the hubby has fallin in love with it! Needless to say... I’ll be using this soap for a while!

Thank you Theo Greenidge for creating some amazing products out of mother nature’s most precious products! Never disappointed!

Chantel Garner

I have purchased this product many times and can vouch that it really was bought for a family member who has many underlying health conditions...the difference is most definitely noticed when using the super moss vs not...everyone should incorporate this product in their daily routine!

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